Data and Additional Files

Below are files for data, code, tools and supplemental materials that accompany articles created by economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Files are given the same name as the corresponding paper’s title. All data and additional files are zip files unless otherwise noted.

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Business Cycle Accounting: Additional Files(2006)

V. V. Chari, Patrick J. Kehoe, Ellen R. McGrattan

Staff Report 328



Mechanics of Forming and Estimating Dynamic Linear Economies: Additional Files (1994)

Lars Peter Hansen, Ellen R. McGrattan, Thomas J. Sargent

Staff Report 182

M-files and Ftools

Ellen R. McGrattan

For use with Ellen R. McGrattan’s additional files


Solving the Multi-Country Real Business Cycle Model Using a Smolyak-Collocation Method (2011)
FORTRAN programs to evaluate solution: Testbench_Material_KKM
FORTRAN programs to compute solution: Project_JEDC_Dec2009_KKM

Benjamin A. Malin, Dirk Krueger, Felix Kubler

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 35(2): 229-239

State Mortgage Broker Regulations: Master Spreadsheet  (2008)

Cynthia J. Pahl, Richard M. Todd

Used in four publications:

Sudden Stops and Output Drops: Additional Files (2005)

V. V. Chari, Patrick J. Kehoe, Ellen R. McGrattan

Staff Report 353


Why Do Americans Work So Much More Than Europeans?: Additional Files (2004)

Thomas J. Holmes, Ellen R. McGrattan, Edward C. Prescott

Quarterly Review 28(1)